Application process

The selection process involves high quality photos of your products that are sent to us via e-mail after the completion of our online application form. After review of your application and photos the Ekliefkrismis Team will contact you.


Download and familiarise yourself with the important market information and please feel free to mail us if you have any questions. 


Thoroughly complete the electronic application form. After completion, it will be sent to us automatically. However, application will only be reviewed once product photos are received via email.


By clicking the button a generated email page should pop up. In the email please state your name and business name and attach good quality photos of your product(s).  If this option fails, please send your photos to


Stall options

Option 1

Indoor exhibition space

With this option your stall space will be located in one of our three carpeted halls with alarm system and CCTV cameras.  

  1. Double stall space @ R1500 plus 18% commission

  2. Standard stall space @ R800 plus 18% commission

  3. Half stall space @ R400 plus 18% commission


Frequently asked questions

Where do customers pay for the products?

The market will provide a central pay point system for all the exhibition options, except food trucks.

How do I list all the products I want to exhibit at the market?

You will receive a product list to complete after you have been selected as an exhibitor

can I change prices or add new products during the market?

No, 3 weeks prior to the market is the cut-off date for changes to or adding of products to your list. This will stringently be enforced.

How will I label/price my products?

A barcode system will be used with barcode price labels. You will be able to print them yourself after receiving a PDF template created from your product list.  It is also be possible to use your own barcodes providing that the barcode images (as on packaging) is sent to us to scan into our sales system.

Can I bring stock during the market period/trading hours?

You can replenish depleted stock yourself during the course of the market, specifically from 8:00 - 9:00 in the mornings and from 17:00 - 18:00 in the afternoon. You are also welcome to leave extra stock in the store rooms for our staff to fill replenish depleted stock at your stall space.

Is my registration fee/ deposit to procure my stall refundable?

It is non-refundable.

when will i receive payment of my products sold during the market?

Payment will be made on 31 December 2020, 10 days after the market end date 21 December 2020. 

How will I know how many products have been sold

You will receive a sales statement of the products sold for the day by the following trading morning 8am. 


All items are displayed at exhibitors own risk and Ekliefkrismis Market accepts no responsibility for damages or loss of any items.


Ekliefkrismis will take all necessary precautions and security measures to minimize breakage and loss of items. The venue is fitted with CCTV cameras (inside and outside) and guarded by security officers on site. We are also open to any suggestions that could help with security and better sales.